Maths BINGO - $\beta$ version

Maths BINGO is a simple way to place LaTeX based math equations into a standard 5x5 BINGO card.


To use, simply:
  1. Type your equation into the text field using LaTeX markup. If you don't know how this may help.
  2. Click the *Add Equation* button, or hit the *Enter* key once done.
  3. Repeat until you have entered all the equations you wish.
You can preview all the equations you've entered on the left. If you find you've made a mistake you can hit the red delete button next to the equation.
Or you can hit the *Clear Equations* button, but be careful with that one. It cannot be undone.

Generating A Card

The card will first have just $x$ to fill all the spots. They will always fill up the remainder of the table.
Once you have created 24 equations you should no longer see any $x$ (unless you put a $x$ in yourself).
As you add equations they will automatically fill the card in a random order so you will see them move around a bit.
You can also click the *Shuffle* button to rearrange the equations you see.
Ideally, you will have many more than 24 equations, so you may not see all of them on the card. That's ok, they aren't lost, just waiting for a new card.
Go ahead and click *Shuffle* or *Save* to scramble them up again.

Saving A Card *Experimental*

You can save a card as a PNG file to print on your own. Just click the *Save* button.
You should be prompted to download a PNG with your card.
There has been minimal testing with this so it is the most likely part to break right now.
If you need a higher resolution (i.e. larger) image try zooming in your browser (Ctrl +) and saving again.
This also seems to work best of Firefox for the time being, but Chrome also behaves moderately OK.
Finally, if there are any issues when you try to save, just try hitting that *Save* button again. It may just work...

Equation List